Crest Craft Military Insignia Rings

Honouring our Service Men & Woman since 1984.

Quality symbols of Service

These superbly detailed signet rings by Crest Craft Military Insignia Rings reflect the pride and esteem of each of the respective Services. Each ring may be recorded with a receipt number upon request in order to help prove ownership during the event of loss or theft.

Crest Craft Military Insignia Rings has been granted written authority to reproduce each ring from the respective heads of each Service.

It is also possible for Crest Craft Military Insignia Rings to have new designs of rings made, but a minimum of 10 confirmed orders in gold or silver are required before they can be produced, in order to cover initial production costs. As with all other rings produced, we obtain written permission from the appropriate head of each Service.

For information regarding the available gemstones and sizing, please refer to the Information page.

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Established 1984.


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